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Ashes Upon The Snow

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    grisly murder story comes to life in a new novel

    What happens when two boys on a hunting trip discover a decapitated human head in an old storm cellar? That is a question first-time author Carroll C. Martin answers in his new novel, Ashes Upon The Snow.

    Aaron Martin, the main character, has his simple farm turned upside down after he and a friend, Elvis Rivers, find the murdered victim ó a boy about their age. And then terror grips the small community of Selden, Texas when the frightening news of the discovery spreads like wildfire.  Once the authorities identify the murder victim, they learn that two more have been brutally murdered; their bodies dissected and burned in an old fireplace.

    Martinís account of the infamous F. M. Snow murders that occurred in Erath County, Texas in 1925 is in the whole fiction. However, the accounts of the Snow murders are true just as they happened in 1925. The accounts of the lives of everyday people are true just as they happened ó they just didnít happen in 1925 but spanned different times over a period of one hundred years.

    Martin, in telling of the Snow murders, interjects a love story, local customs of the time and lively characters to keep the story moving and interesting. The ending will bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart.

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The book is available at Hastings in Stephenville, online at Barnes and Noble and

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